Once a famous Greek philosopher said “Panta Rei” or “Everything is changing always”. NGO Post has been changing and evolving since its inception. More stories, more features, more users, better designs. Once again, NGO Post has done it! It has had a change in its wardrobe. A new flash page adorns its frontpage for the first time visitors and users not logged in.
NGOPost Front Page

NGOPost Front Page

This page was designed to make the visitors to our website familiar with all the activity possible on the website and also the services provided. It lists the different sectors of our visitors such as social workers, support groups, conscious citizens and also describes how you and NGO Post can help each other achieve our goals!
NGO Post has also started updating feeds on twitter.com . You can now directly follow stories published on NGO Post at twitter from the url :



Also, same updates are being made on NGO Post’s facebook profile updates. Do join the NGO Post community to get updates from NGO Post at your profile page.

We have a new best story winner this month too, just as all other months! Pulkit, a very enthusiatic user of NGO Post won this month’s best story award for his story Not just the Nano ….His inspiring interview can be read at:
Hope all of you are continuing to contribute to the society just as all of you wish to! To a bright and beautiful summer to all you…
NGO Post team.