NGO Post is growing, and with this comes the extra responsibility of ensuring quality and regularity of stories and discussions. Instead of regulating it all ourselves, we are going to partner with our most enthusiastic and knowledgeable users who will act as Category Facilitators.

Each of the categories (areas of social work) covered at NGO Post will have a facilitator who will be responsible for the overall health of that category. The facilitator will be in-charge of the category and will be responsible for its success.



  • Visit the category regularly to ensure proper quality, formatting etc of stories in that category
  • Encourage discussions on the stories in that category – this may include sending messages to users who are likely to be interested in those stories
  • Post stories if there are not enough story submissions from other users to keep the category consistently active
  • Generate awareness about your NGO Post category amongst external blogs, mailing lists and other social-network communities to bring in new users and content


Minimum qualifications

  • Have a natural interest in the chosen category – prior experience in that field is helpful, although not necessary
  • Be an active user at NGO Post – so that you can “teach by example”
  • Should be able to visit the site regularly


Would you like to become one?

  • Turn your interest in social work into a highly productive and useful endeavor
  • Help NGO Post in becoming better – we also recognize your contributions by highlighting the facilitators on our team page.
  • Get the experience of building and sustaining an online community for social work


If this matches your interest and you would like to considered for a Category Facilitator in any category, please send us an email (