Hi! Once again, NGOpost has beat itself in making the web interface more user friendly for users. Helping people connect with fellow changemakers was one of the key motivations behind NGO Post – so now it has its own brand-new suite of features to take interactions on NGOpost goes to the next level!

Some of our many new features are:

• User profiles –  Please update your profiles with bigger photos of yourselves and information about yourself like where are you located, areas of interest etc. This will help other users interested in specific issues and locality find you.

• Subscribe to discussions on any story – You will automatically get subscribed to email notifications for any story that you post or discuss. You can also subscribe to any other story, as well as unsubscribe from it (the link is below the story title – where tags/category are).
Location for each story– You can now tag the stories you post with a particular location. If it is a local NGO working on a locally relevant issue or tag it as a national story where it is relevant to India or global, where it is relevant to everyone! This helps users choose their span
Quick filter toolbar – Lets you easily view users and stories in any location and category
Users can follow other users – You can follow the latest activities by your friends from your profile page. You can also see people who follow you.
Activity updates – users profile shows their recent activity updates. Your profile shows updates of all people you are following.
Message book – Want to contact a user? Leave them a message! Users get email notifications for messages addressed to them

Here is a sneak preview of the new user profile page:



Hope all of you will enjoy and utilize these new features to the fullest. Now that its easier to message each other on NGOpost and share our views, we hope the NGOpost community grows into a bigger and closer knit family than ever before!

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