has instituted a Best Story award starting this fortnight. One story every fortnight will be selected by our panel of judges. The stories will be evaluated on various aspects such as Quality, Originality, Impact and Interaction. Details about the award, the judges and all the winners’ interviews can be found here.

The first Best NGO post award goes to: Vishal for his inspiring story:

Our team interviewed him to know more about what excites him to work and know about NGOs and then share this knowledge with the rest of us. We can read his wonderful and inspirational interview here :

Thank you, Vishal, for that wonderful post and thank you, judges, for the great work in choosing amongst so many wonder posts we have been getting lately. Hope all of you keep posting better and more useful articles in the coming days, so that the job of the judges becomes more and more difficult!

Good wishes,

From the NGOpost team